From time to time we receive correspondence from clients after we have completed a shipment for them. These testimonials come from both new and old customers, shipping one pony or numerous thoroughbreds.  We find them to be useful – and sometimes flattering – feedback about our service and thought you may like to read some too.


Anna, USA to UK - November 2015

The reason for my email is to thank you for the exemplary service that was afforded to me by your colleague, Mr Selwyn WallaceRead more

Elizabeth Burford, Worcestershire UK - July 2015

"Kiki" has arrived safely and is tucked up in her stable now resting. Thank you so much for everything, you made the whole experience very stress free and keeping me updated with everything. Read more

Fay & Philip Peters, Timaru NZ - May 2015

We would like to thank the team at IRT for bringing our 7 month old Welsh pony filly foal from Euroa Victoria, Australia to our home in Timaru New Zealand.Read more

Sara Soldevila, Twekesbury UK - May 2015

Thank you so much for walking me through it all and making me feel reassured that it was all well taken care of and giving me advice and suggestions as neededRead more

Kate McGuigan, Brookdale Farm Kentucky USA - May 2015

Thank you Matt (Haug) for keeping me up to speed!  This is the first time I've ever shipped a horse internationally and it has been a breeze working with you and IRT.Read more

Wonita Matousek, Alberton QLD - January 2015

I'd like to thank you (Amelia Baxter) and everyone involved with the import of SD Jackpot!He is finally home and we are so thankful to the whole IRT Team.Read more

Elizabeth Smith, Falkirk UK - December 2014

Thank you so much IRT for transporting my boy, Sandzauber,  to Arizona so safely and efficiently.Special thanks to Charlie De Burgh from your Newmarket office.Read more

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