Anna, USA to UK - November 2015

I recently imported my filly from the US to the UK and utilised the services of IRT.

The reason for my email is to thank you for the exemplary service that was afforded to me by your colleague, Mr Selwyn Wallace.

As I am sure you can appreciate and imagine, the international transportation of my horse had the potential to be an extremely stressful time for me, however I had no cause for concern because Selwyn looked after my horse, and my emotions, and made all the intricate arrangements every step of the way.

Selwyn kept me informed throughout the many hurdles of the process, he was available seven days a week and responded to any queries I might have had,  however minor they might have been, instantly.

All in all, Selwyn gave an exceptional customer experience, which I am very very grateful for … so thank you … dealing with IRT and your colleagues was a delight.

It is also worth noting that once my horse landed in Europe, and in all my dealings with her, Paula Hamman has been exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable and professional too.

In closing I am delighted to report that the horse arrived safely in my hands on Sunday, she travelled well and is now happily settled into her new home.

With many many thanks to IRT, Paula Hamman, and particularly to Selwyn Wallace … I really am most very very grateful!  Thankyou.



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